Foods To Avoid At Barbeques While Pregnant

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It’s summertime! And that means lots of picnics, parties, and barbeques!  We know you love the burgers and hotdogs, but there are a few food items like these that you should avoid while pregnant because they might not be too good for your baby and that.
Hot dogs & Deli Meat
Hot dogs, deli meat, and sausages may contain Listeria.  This bacteria can lead to miscarriage, birth defects, and other dangerous infections that are harmful your baby if not fully cooked, so it is important to avoid them.
What to do: Make sure to cook/reheat your meats to steaming hot (165° F) even if the label says the meat has been pre-cooked.
Raw meat can be dangerous to the expectant mother.  Consuming undercooked meat carries a risk of food poisoning and can may contain E. coli, along with Listeria, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and Campylobacter. 
What to do: Make sure your meat is fully cooked.  Always request your hamburger to be prepared well done, and check that your meat reaches 160°F with a thermometer.  
BBQ Chicken
Like undercooked burgers, raw poultry can be harmful to your baby. Undercooked chicken can contain bacteria such as Campylobacter or Salmonella which can lead to food poisoning.
What to do: Make sure to cook your chicken to 165° F.  You should even consider pre-cooking your chicken before putting it on the grill to take extra precaution.  
Potato & Pasta Salad
If sitting out too long, side dishes made with dairy or mayonnaise can potentially contain Listeria, which can be very harmful to your baby.  If a dish that it meant to be served cold has been lying out in the sun, it can easily spoil. 
What to do: Make sure to store your salads in the fridge and eat them while they’re cool.  Also consider making pasta and potato salads without the mayo or dairy products.
Homemade Ice Cream
Some homemade ice creams call for raw eggs or raw cream, which contains Samonella.  This puts you and your baby at risk for salmonella poisoning, which can cause diarrhea, dehydration, and other health risks.
What to do: Check to make sure your ice cream wasn’t made with raw eggs, and also check that the whipped cream is made with pasteurized cream from the supermarket. It’s generally safer to just stick to store bought ice cream and whipped cream while pregnant.
Because pregnancy can affect your immune system, it is always important to proceed with caution when it comes to what you eat.  Next time you’re at a barbeque, take a moment to check out the food before you eat it, so you can keep you and your baby safe during pregnancy.

By: Chantal Bishara

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