Best Baby Health/Safety Products

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Nothing is more important than your baby’s health. However you’ll find that with a baby, many seemingly harmless things can pose a serious threat to their well-being. Take a look at some of these products that are designed to keep your children safe.

Tangle-Free Blinds Cords

Cords from blinds that dangle near the crib can be dangerous. They have the potential to get caught around a baby’s arm or neck. The Safety 1st Wind-Ups bundle these away, keeping them out of baby’s reach. (2-pack, $2.12,


Don’t go without this brilliant thermometer from Summer Infant. It has an insertion guard to show you that it’s in the right spot, beeps when it’s done, and glows red if the temperature is 99.9 F or higher. ($9.99,

Window Mesh

You have to stop your kids from climbing out of the window, but bars are probably not the look you’re going for. Pick these mesh window guards up from Kidco and you’ll have safer windows plus a design that blends with your home. ($39.95,


This adorable Frog Cool Mist Humidifier is a good thing to keep on hand. It’ll give your child some relief by adding moisture to the air and may ease coughs, sinus irritations and dry skin. ($34.99,

Safety Gate

Often times, the last thing you want to do is bend down to open the safety gate. This genius First Years Hands-Free gate allows you to get through by stepping on the foot pedal and then nudging it with your knee. ($48.99,

Outlet Covers

Babies tend to poke their fingers and toys where they don’t belong. It’s time for some nifty outlet covers from Safety 1st, which hide those electrical slots away from your curious kid. ($2.09,

Baby Monitor

Now you can keep tabs on your baby at all times with this digital color video monitor from Summer Infant. You’ll get to hear each peep they makes and see their sweet face too, from several rooms away (up to 350 feet). ($249.99,
Once you baby-proof your home, your children will be a lot safer in unexpected ways. Even though your baby’s safety is priceless, it can be affordable too. Consider getting some of these products as soon as possible.

By: Tim Milles

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