To the Pregnant & Shamed

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For expecting parents who weren’t expecting to be expecting, there can be more than joy following the big news. The question of what people will think comes before the pregnancy is even verified. Excitement is replaced by fear when it comes to making the announcement. Being in public with a baby bump, you feel like everyone is looking at you. Judging you.

If you recognize yourself in this I’ve got something very, very important to tell you: an unexpected pregnancy does not make you a horrible person! You may roll your eyes and tell me you know that but do you really? Do you know that deep, down in your heart?

At some point during your pregnancy you may have pushed aside the shame so that you could take care of what you needs to be taken care of. Or maybe it’s still the only thing you can think about. Either way, it’s perfectly normal to feel shame about an unexpected pregnancy but you don’t have to. Yes, maybe you should have been more careful. But what’s done is done.

Being able to fully accept the situation without judgement is always the most powerful first step in shedding the shame. If you can stop judging yourself, other people’s judgements become less relevant. But after letting the past go, take care of the present.
In the here and now, you have a beautiful gift growing inside of you. You have been hired for the oldest and most cherished position in the history of mankind. In the here and now, you are a conduit of life itself. Does that sound like something to be ashamed of? No, I didn’t think so.

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By Alecia Stanton of Expecting Parents Alliance of America

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  • Get Access to Support, Benefits, and Resources for Expecting Parents. Join the EPAOA Community for FREE!


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